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Endurance Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC

Tumblers, Saws and Custom Equipment for the Stone Industry

Heavy Duty Belt and Roller Conveyors For Stone Producers

Durable Conveyors, Built For You

Custom Belt, Roller and Slat Conveyors, Built To Your Requirements.  All Sizes, Shapes and Types Are Available.   All Models Designed and Manufactured in the USA.   


Belt, Roller or Slat

Tension End of a Belt Conveyor.  Used Under a Bridge Saw or transporting stone for a Veneer Saw.

Whether Belt, Roller or Slat, Our Experts Can Build What You Need.

Control Options

Example of a Worm Drive Gearbox.  Helical Bevel Gearbox used on Heavy Duty Conveyor.

Helical Bevel or Worm Gearbox Drive, Your Control Box Or Ours.   No Matter What You Need, We Can Do It.

Under a Bridge Saw

Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor Under a bridge saw by Endurance Engineering and Manufacturing.

An Example Of A Belt Conveyor That Was Used To Make An Old Bridge Saw In to a Veneer Saw.

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Endurance Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC

(920) 933-3318